Alexander Technique Online Lessons

Online Alexander Lessons now available.

You can find all the details here.

Contact the PAAT Secretary Colin Alexander for more information.

Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course

PAAT’s new Training Course is set to launch in September 2022.

Hybrid, on-line, and with ‘live’ residential weekends.

A flexible and responsive design to enable us to work around global conditions and ensure your training is supportive and rigorous.

Further details to follow.

Pausing and AT- Deepening Daily Practice.

Practitioner Workshop Saturday 9th July (9.30am-12pm GMT).

Bookings are now being taken for this online course.

Full details are here.

Alexander Technique News

PAAT teachers involved in successful European bid for research funding

from European University for Well-Being, EUniWell: StudentWell research project.

Details are here.

Mindfulness and the Alexander Technique — From October 2021

PAAT is now offering Mindfulness-Based Courses run by Alexander Technique teachers who are also qualified Mindfulness instructors.

These courses allow you to explore Mindfulness in an Alexander-safe environment.

We currently offer two types of course, which consist of 2-hour sessions once a week over an eight-week period.

There is also an optional but recommended extended silent practice session.

Full details are here.

Continuous Professional Development

Online CPD is now available for all PAAT teachers.

Details of work sessions may be found here.

Our new CPD Discussion Forum may be accessed here.

Professional Association of Alexander Teachers