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Here you’ll find cogent & illuminating articles about the Alexander Technique and its application written by practising teachers with a wealth of experience between them.

Our aim is to present a diverse range of thought-provoking material that reflects the Technique’s broad scope and to challenge the many misconceptions about its true nature.

Mindfulness to lifelong learning, performance to ageing — everything will be covered in depth here.

So whether you’re new to the Technique, a pupil or trainee, or a seasoned teacher seeking fresh wisdom, do please bookmark us and stop by from time to time.

Dewey and Alexander: Ways of Thinking

Dewey and Alexander: Ways of Thinking This paper is adapted from the final 15,000 word project written by a 4th year student on the PAAT teacher training course. John Dewey (1859-1952), arguably America’s most influential philosopher of education in the 20th century, had lessons with F.M. Alexander from about [...]

Teachers’ Voice Problems: Exploring a Possible Solution

Teachers' Voice Problems: Exploring a Possible Solution by Lesley Mycroft This journal article considers what it is like for those reliant on their voices as part of their job role. It reports the impact of vocal problems on classroom teachers and shows the potential of the Technique [...]

Postural Configuration as a Missing Element in Reflective Epistemology

by Victoria Door First published in Global Perspectives in Dance Education, Congress on Research in Dance 2009 Conference Proceedings, De Montfort University, UK. Revised November, 2017. (C)onsciousness of an integral whole in which an incident gets a new qualitative value – John Dewey (1958/2008:102 ) This paper puts forward [...]

F. Matthias Alexander and Mabel Elsworth Todd: Proximities, Practices and the Psycho-physical

F. Matthias Alexander and Mabel Elsworth Todd: Proximities, Practices and the Psycho-physical by Michael Huxley This academic article looks at the early years of the Alexander Technique. It explores the world in which Alexander moved, especially in the USA. It also refers to the work of one [...]

How Mindfulness Works

Who Knew Mindfulness Mattered? At the beginning of 2014, the Huffington Post declared that the coming twelve months would be “the year of mindful living”. Forget working out and brain training — quiet reflection and attentiveness looked set to become the New Kid on the Me Time block. Since then, [...]

Teaching the Alexander Technique to Drama Students: The Problem of Professional Knowledge

I teach a module in the Alexander Technique and performance as part of an undergraduate university drama course. In my teaching practice as a lecturer and an Alexander teacher, I assess students, evaluating whether their performance work meets various criteria established according to university examinations processes, but there are [...]

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