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PAAT  Courses


PAAT currently offers a range of choices for learning the Alexander Technique in a group class situation.

Here is a summary of the available options.

Current & Forthcoming Courses

On our courses, we focus on how we, as human beings, do things not just what we do. As a course member, you get the chance to think differently about how you go about your activities. We look at how doing something with more effort than needed does not mean you do it better. For every physical action, there is a right amount of effort. Using more muscular activity than is actually needed to do the job both hurts you and wastes your energy.

Building a Well-Being Practice

Find out how the Alexander Technique can help you look after yourself in your professional role as a primary or secondary teacher.

Why do teachers long for the holidays?

Being a teacher can be hugely enjoyable, but as a job it is very demanding and often stressful. As everyone knows, the breaks in teaching are essential and allow time for recuperation.

How can such a rewarding role be balanced alongside the known stresses of the job?

How can you get ready for the summer break, but be well prepared for your future as a teacher?

How can these two things be combined in a creative and constructive way?

On this course we hope you will find answers to those three questions.

This introductory course for the practice of well-being is especially designed for classroom practitioners.

Venue: School of Education, University of Birmingham

Time: Saturday 30th June 2018, 10.00am to 3.30pm

Full details are available as a pdf download HERE.

Introductory Courses

Learn about the Alexander Technique in an engaging group environment.

Details are HERE.

Recreational Course

Further study opportunities for people with some prior experience of the Alexander Technique.

Details are HERE.

Wellbeing in Education and for Life Courses

A range of specialist courses for individuals with particular interests.

Details are HERE.

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