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PAAT currently offers a range of choices for learning the Alexander Technique in a group class situation.

Here is a summary of the available options.

Current & Forthcoming Courses

On our courses, we focus on how we, as human beings, do things not just what we do. As a course member, you get the chance to think differently about how you go about your activities. We look at how doing something with more effort than needed does not mean you do it better. For every physical action, there is a right amount of effort. Using more muscular activity than is actually needed to do the job both hurts you and wastes your energy.

Alexander Technique for Performers

Starts Tuesday January 18th 2022

6.00pm to 7.30pm BST

A brand-new course for performers, or for those simply interested in exploring the Technique through a different lens.

The Alexander Technique is a practical means for personal change that anyone can choose to apply to their lives.

Whether as a performer you need help with posture, balance or movement, input into skill development— or if you simply wish to gain more control over your life — the Alexander Technique offers a great way for you to make the changes you seek.

The course offers the opportunity to:
* explore the Alexander Technique (AT) in an interactive, exciting, and experiential manner
* gain a practical experience of working with AT principles
* develop skills to begin to apply the principles for oneself
* gain insight into how the AT can enable performers to develop their practice and performance in a way that enhances wellbeing

This workshop is suitable for all and no prior experience of the AT is necessary. We will be exploring activities that are basic to performance such as standing, sitting, using objects and instruments. There will also be short talks and explanations and some enjoyable movement work.

While the live workshops will take place in Zoom all participants will receive an invitation to join our Basecamp online forum for additional support and group communication. You can apply here.

Dancing from the Heart

Saturday 22nd January 2022

3.30pm – 6.00pm BST

An exploration of F.M. Alexander’s concept of ‘Use’ in relation to movement.

A workshop for performers and anyone interested in movement.

For more information & to book a place, please contact

Dr Rose Whyman, Course secretary: or 07940 766082

Alexander Technique Introductory Course — Spring 2022

A new 8-week online course for beginners in the Alexander Technique.

Starts Spring 2022. Details can be found here.

Exploring Our Practice

A new online course for those with previous practical Alexander Technique experience.

Starts March 2022.

Details can be found here.

For further information and booking, please contact PAAT Secretary.

Mindfulness and the Alexander Technique — From October 2021

PAAT is now offering Mindfulness-Based Courses run by Alexander Technique teachers who are also qualified Mindfulness instructors. These courses allow you to explore Mindfulness in an Alexander-safe environment.

We currently offer two types of course, which consist of 2-hour sessions once a week over an eight-week period. There is also an optional but recommended extended silent practice session.

Full details are here.

Finding Space with the Alexander Technique — tba

A new one day online workshop for people with some experience of the Alexander Technique.

Details of courses for 2022 will be announced here.

Introductory Courses

Learn about the Alexander Technique in an engaging group environment.

Details are HERE.

Wellbeing in Education and for Life Courses

A range of specialist courses for individuals with particular interests.

Details are HERE.

P.A.A.T. Teacher Training Course

Comprehensive 4-year training course for those intending to become teachers of the Alexander Technique.

PAAT’s new Training Course is set to launch in September 2022.

Hybrid, on-line, and with ‘live’ residential weekends.

A flexible and responsive design to enable us to work around global conditions and ensure your training is supportive and rigorous.

Further information to follow.

Details are HERE.

All PAAT teachers have completed a four-year training course, and those working online have done CPD in virtual teaching. They are fully insured to work with individuals or groups and are bound by PAAT’s Code of Conduct.

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