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The Forum provides a space for discussion of issues of interest and relevance to the Technique. This might be an individual member who would like to share some of their thinking or writing on a topic, or a group of members who have been working on something that intrigues them that they would like to take further through discussion with colleagues. Members may wish to invite speakers from other areas, or associations to talk about their work, or to give an informal report or feedback on an event they have attended.

The Forum meets approximately every six weeks online. Please contact the PAAT CPD Director if you would like to suggest a topic or speaker, or have any other queries about the Forum.

Event #1, 15/7/20 — Dr Vera Talis

The Forum opened with a very special event; Dr Vera Talis from the Moscow Institute for Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Kharkevich Institute), connected with us to talk about her work generally, and more specifically, about her work on Nikolai Alexandrovich Bernstein (1896-1966).

Dr Vera Talis

Dr Vera Talis

Dr Talis shared some fascinating insights into the life and work of Bernstein, who continues to be an outstanding figure in the field of motor control of human movement. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to ask questions about aspects of Dr Talis’s work at the IITP, where she is a Senior Researcher in Laboratory of Neurobiology of Motor Control, where her areas of research are:

·         The investigation of upper and lower limb coordination by means of Functional Electrical Stimulation

·         The role of the motor cortex in upper limb movement (the study by means of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) 

·         Autism Spectrum Disorder

·         History of neuroscience (Nikolai Alexandrovich Bernstein)

Dr Talis’ publications in English include:

Dr Talis is currently preparing a book on Bernstein: The Doctor Who Loved Steam Engines

The next meeting of the Discussion Forum is on Thursday 3rd September.

PAAT Alexander Technique CPD Discussion Forum