How To Learn:
Introductory Courses

If one-to-one lessons are not for you, PAAT teachers regularly run short introductory courses.

These vary in format and duration. Some take place in the evening; some are offered as daytime courses. Such courses are perfect for beginners.

Each session includes practical work and a talk; some may have hands-on input from a qualified teacher.

Completing an introductory course can give you enough insight to enable you to consider how to continue learning the Technique and beginning to apply it to your life.

The cost of PAAT Introductory Courses varies according to length.

Online Alexander Technique Introductory Courses are also available, and you can find details about PAAT’s online teaching provision here.

PAAT teachers also staff adult education classes run by other agencies, though the fees for these courses are set by the operating agencies rather than PAAT.

All PAAT teachers have completed a four-year training course, and those working online have done CPD in virtual teaching. They are fully insured to work with individuals or groups and are bound by PAAT’s Code of Conduct.

alexander technique introductory course

PAAT Alexander Technique Introductory Courses