Personal Experiences of Learning the Alexander Technique

PAAT teachers have been helping people to apply the Alexander Technique to their lives for more than 40 years.

Our pupils have come from all walks of life and for as many reasons as there are people.

Individuals say they have benefited from the Technique in many and varied ways: from help with postural or movement difficulties, solutions to so-called “stress”, and with meditation, performance, skill acquisition/maintenance, and enhancement of general wellbeing.


Here are some of the generous things our pupils and students have said about the Alexander Technique and their PAAT teachers:

“Alexander Technique made me think about how I misused my body without even realising I was doing it! Through Alexander Technique my posture has improved and my singing voice has grown stronger, simply by holding myself correctly.”

Pippa Evans aka Loretta Maine, 2003

“Awareness and correct use of the body and voice are vital to acting, and the Alexander Technique course helped me to achieve both. I am much more confident in my acting because I know how to use the whole of myself to give the best performance. The practical nature of the course meant that we were not simply told how to posture our bodies, but taught how to judge our own posture and actions, and therefore how to keep ourselves free and energised.”

Danielle Bentley, 2013

“The Alexander Technique course was my favourite module during my final year at university and probably the one with the most long-term benefits. It is very encouraging to see each new ‘technique’ or exercise which we learned each week begin to have a positive effect on my everyday life. The small size of the class was perfect and allowed me to fully understand and appreciate the concepts explained and demonstrated, as well as feel sufficiently comfortable to remove inhibitions and ask questions. I feel that I am more relaxed and can commit to physical and mental tasks in everyday life, as well as performance, now that I have studied the Alexander Technique – it is something I will always go back to. I used it during the summer in my first paid performance in a professional theatre. It has most notably given me better control of my hands and legs, which used to stiffen unnecessarily, causing undue stress. I can also approach tasks which I would usually be mentally anxious about with greater ease and confidence now.”


Sara Page, 2014

“I found it astonishing how many benefits there were to learning the Alexander Technique: from being aware of your body to learning good posture to a general sense of well being. The technique has been invaluable in my day to day life, especially as a relaxation and anti-stress technique and because of this I have recommended it to many of my friends and family.”

Sophie Weston, 2014

“I find Alexander Technique extremely helpful and useful for my work too; thank you!”

Chiara d'Anna (actress & director)

“Alexander Technique was part of my training as a stage manager at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. It has been helpful to me in my career in terms of use of voice and professional presentation generally.”

Linda Muirhead