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Here are some of our teachers.

jo roantree Alexander Technique teacher and PAAT member

Jo Roantree

In 2004 I qualified as a teaching member of PAAT. Since then I have enjoyed teaching the Alexander Technique both to individuals and groups as well as at the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford. I have given talks and demonstrations to a variety of audiences.

Not long ago I moved to Bath and offer lessons to individuals and groups both online and in person.

I am interested in exploring mindfulness through the Alexander Technique and include it in my daily life practice.

In my spare time I enjoy going to the theatre, visiting gardens, art galleries, walking and gardening not forgetting spending precious time with my family and friends.

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adam rolleston Alexander Technique teacher and PAAT member

Adam Rolleston

I have been qualified as an Alexander teacher for 10 years. During that time, I have worked closely with colleagues in a number of forums to further develop my skills and to explore the wider aspects of the Technique. I have taught in a variety of settings, including introductory courses in the Technique at Midlands Arts Centre in Birmingham.

My current interests include exploring the application of the Technique in meditation and movement practices.

I have worked in energy transportation for the past 15 years, currently as a network modeller.

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sonya staton Alexander Technique teacher and PAAT member

Sonya Staton

My journey into the Alexander Technique began many years ago when working in commercial retail with responsibilities including recruitment and training. I was introduced to the technique when the headaches I suffered with occasionally were becoming more frequent, which coincided with a period when the company I worked for were going through many changes. After having one-to-one lessons in the Alexander Technique the principles on which it is based began to make sense with regards to my headaches and I eventually joined PAAT’s training course to train as a teacher and to find out more.

Having qualified over 15 years ago I have been able to share my experience and skills with others. I have taught in various settings including talks, demonstrations and courses, as well as private practice, in Stafford, Aberystwyth and currently Shrewsbury. I am now teaching individual pupils and groups on-line. My interests include mindfulness. Having attended several courses on mindfulness based approaches, I now practice mindfulness in my daily life. Since a recent house move my spare time is taken up with creative re-use (up cycling) of the things around me such as, furniture, pictures and general decoration.
I am registered with the Complementary & Healthcare Council (CNHC).

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liz tunnicliffe Alexander Technique teacher and PAAT member

Liz Tunnicliffe

Liz has been a member of PAAT for over 20 years, qualifying on the PAAT training course in 1998. She has taught the Alexander Technique to individuals and groups in a variety of settings and is committed to exploring ways of making the Alexander Technique more widely available. Alongside her Alexander teaching Liz has worked as a social worker with older adults in the community. She is particularly interested in exploring how older adults can apply Alexander Technique to maintain and improve balance and movement. Liz has recently completed her doctorate on research into application of Alexander Technique to overcoming fear of falling. Liz is registered with CNHC and is currently a member of the CNHC Profession Specific Board (PSB) for Alexander Technique Teaching.

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rose whyman Alexander Technique teacher and PAAT member

Dr Rose Whyman

Rose Whyman trained with the Professional Association of Alexander Teachers and is qualified to train teachers of the Alexander Technique. She teaches courses in the Alexander Technique and Performance at the University of Birmingham to drama students, student teachers and lecturers. She teaches  courses in the Alexander Technique to other students and staff at the University and in a variety of other settings including health professionals.  Her research is in study and practice of performer training, specifically the application of the Alexander Technique to performer training methods such as the Stanislavsky system. She has recently published a translation of Biomechanics for Instructors, By N.A. Bernstein, Springer (2020).

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clare wilkinson Alexander Technique teacher and PAAT member

Clare Wilkinson

Clare Wilkinson PhD is a founder member of PAAT. She is part of PAAT’s teacher training team.

Clare worked in private practice in the Alexander Technique before attending university where she studied history. She has a PhD in 18th Century British History and a Masters in Religious Education & History.

Clare currently teaches Religious Education in an outer London secondary school. She is currently training on the Mindfulness Based Practices Masters course at Bangor University to be a teacher of Mindfulness. Clare also teaches the Alexander Technique. She has written an article relating to her PhD and also co-written a chapter on John Dewey and the Alexander Technique with Dr Victoria Door (PAAT).

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colin alexander PAAT member and Alexander Technique teacher

Colin Alexander

Colin Alexander (no relation) has been a member of PAAT for over 30 years. He has taught the Alexander Technique in a variety of settings, including private lessons and evening classes. He has also given presentations, demonstrations and talks to a variety of different audiences and is part of PAAT’s teacher training team.

Colin worked in IT for many years and subsequently took a degree in philosophy at the University of Warwick. In addition to his work in the Alexander Technique, he continues to pursue an interest in philosophy and the history of ideas.

​He was part of PAAT’s team in the group which developed voluntary self-regulation for the Alexander Technique.

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victoria door Alexander Technique teacher and PAAT member

Victoria Door

Victoria Door PhD is a founder member of PAAT, and director of PAAT’s Continuous Professional Development. She is part of PAAT’s teacher training team.

Victoria worked in private practice in the Alexander Technique for 10 years before taking the skills she had learnt in the Technique into secondary school education. She lectured at Keele University, having got a PhD in ‘Attention in Foreign Language Learning’ at the University of Bath.

Victoria came across mindfulness when it was introduced to trainee teachers at Keele in 2014. She has now completed the Masters in Mindfulness-Based Approaches at the University of Bangor. She is currently researching the Alexander Technique for teachers and other performers with Dr Rose Whyman (PAAT) as well as the relationship of Alexander Technique with mindfulness.

Victoria teaches Alexander Technique to individuals and groups on line. For more information, please contact the PAAT Secretary.

Victoria has published two books on education, and has co-written a chapter on John Dewey and the Alexander Technique with Dr Clare Wilkinson (PAAT).

Victoria is registered with CNHC.

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alison loram Alexander Technique teacher and PAAT member

Dr Alison Loram

Alison qualified as a teaching member of PAAT in 1992 and has been a part-time lecturer in the Alexander Technique at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire since 1993 and a guest-lecturer at the Royal Northern College of Music since 2016.

Trained originally as a professional violinist at the Royal College of Music, Alison was drawn to the Alexander Technique by a persistent musculoskeletal problem specific to violin playing.  Much of her teaching involves helping student and professional musicians prevent and overcome performance-related difficulties, and improve their performance and practise.

Following her Alexander Technique training, Alison has been a registered practitioner with the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine since 2008 and has given numerous talks and seminars at conferences and meetings, and in music colleges and university departments, to academics, healthcare professionals and performers alike.  With a BSc and PhD in Biological Sciences and a number of years working as a post-doctoral researcher, in 2013, Alison gained an MSc in Performing Arts Medicine from University College London. Her research thesis “Chronic profession-limiting problems in musicians; Underlying mechanisms and neuroplastic routes to recovery”, undertaken with PAAT colleagues and movement scientists at Manchester Metropolitan University, can be found here.

Alison returned to violin playing ten years ago and, based in Crewe, performs as a soloist, recitalist, chamber musician and freelance orchestral player in the Midlands and the North West of England.  She teaches the Alexander Technique to individuals and groups, in person and online.

Details of Alison’s Thesis (“Chronic profession-limiting problems in musicians: Underlying mechanisms and neuroplastic routes to recovery”) can be viewed here.

Her 2017 presentation to the UCL Institute of Education (“Explaining the Alexander Technique to clinicians and scientists”) can be viewed here.

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michele pipe Alexander Technique teacher and PAAT member

Michele Pipe

I’ve been involved with PAAT as a pupil, student and teacher for over 30 years. I am part of PAAT’s teacher training team. I’m registered with CNHC. As a teacher in schools, I worked with children and students of all ages and abilities. I’ve also worked with adults from the UK and abroad in a variety settings and leadership roles such as Headteacher, Educational Advisor and University Lecturer. Alongside my work with PAAT, I work with a charity for adults with learning disabilities.

I am currently completing a Master’s degree in Mindfulness at Bangor University. My thesis explores deepening our experience of stillness, from the perspective of a practising Alexander teacher.

I live in North Wales and teach the Alexander Technique individually or in groups, online and in person.

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PAAT Alexander Technique Teacher Profiles