Continuous Professional Development

The Alexander Technique is first and foremost a practical technique.

When we apply the Alexander Technique to our lives, we do so on a day by day basis. In this sense, its application lends itself to being continuous, and is in essence concerned with our individual development.

PAAT teachers meet regularly to work at their Alexander Technique practice and share insights and reflections. We do so to develop our own understanding and practice of the Technique, and the skills and experience we gain informs what we pass on to pupils and students in our teaching rooms and on our courses. As members of the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council, we are committed to continuous professional development as a means of improving the quality of our teaching provision over time.

Here you will find accounts of our professional work sessions, including details of themes and issues we consider to be important as we take our teaching practice forward into the 2020s.

Our current areas of interest relate primarily to the importance of consistency of inhibition and direction, and we seek also to investigate individualising the work with the hands.

Shallowford, November 2019

PAAT held a CPD weekend at Shallowford House in Staffordshire in November. The event was well attended, and there was a range of input and activities, all focussed around developing the use of the hands in teaching.

There was also time to socialise and enjoy the peaceful grounds at Shallowford.

alexander technique continuous professional development flat hands in monkey

Birmingham, December 2019

A two-hour work session was held in Birmingham on 14th December 2019 as part of the PAAT CPD programme, followed by a Christmas meal at Winterbourne House.

alexander technique continuous professional development work session December 2019
alexander technique continuous professional development Chriasmas meal December 2019