Backache can have many causes, and you should always consult your GP about yours.

If you and your GP have checked out there is nothing medically wrong, then it may be that your backache is the result of you going about things in an unhelpful way.

If your symptoms arise from applying your efforts in less than the best way, then unless you learn a new approach, those symptoms will return, again and again.

The way forward here is to change your familiar approach, and the Alexander Technique provides a way for you to do this.

The Alexander Technique isn’t a cure for anything.

It’s a technique for prevention. It helps you to stop hurting yourself.

The difference?

Let’s say you hurt your back while bending to lift something.

If the Alexander Technique were a cure, you’d have to hurt your back before you could apply it.

Wouldn’t it be better in the first place to fix your way of bending to lift?

Learning a better way of solving problems like these might help you to prevent your backache — not just one time, but every time.

The Alexander Technique is not a form of therapy, and it does not seek to cure backache, but for many people it has therapeutic results.

Symptoms experienced before taking lessons or attending courses can disappear as you apply the Technique.

If your backache does arise from a clinical condition, it is especially important to take care of yourself, and the Technique can help.

It’s important also to bear in mind that aches and pains resulting from unhelpful ways of dealing with everyday problems like lifting demand more than a quick fix because the way you have learned to stand and move has more to do with habit than you may realize.

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