Mastering any skill and putting it into practice takes time.

Learning the Alexander Technique is no different.

It simply takes time to develop the necessary insight and understanding for making the changes you seek.

Once you have this knowledge, it’s yours to keep and to go on developing.

You can have lessons or take courses to learn.

Everyone is different, but if you opt for lessons, a year’s worth of teaching has proved to be a solid foundation for most people.

Ideally, you should have a lesson once a week in order to make steady progress, and the benefits accumulate as you go.

Your rate of progress may be slower if you attend fortnightly, and a lot depends on how much you put an understanding of the principles into practice in your life.

You can have as many or as few Alexander lessons as you wish and your PAAT teacher will give you plenty to think about and apply from week to week.

As an alternative to lessons you can attend an introductory course, and online lessons are also available.

Courses provide a different pathway to lessons, and bring the benefits of making discoveries as part of a group.

A variety of courses are available, and you can choose depending on your needs and interests.

Through lessons or courses, you discover that the Alexander Technique works because of the way people work.

We’re all unique but we share a common anatomy and physiology, and when we place stress on our working parts by pulling ourselves out of shape, the same broad pattern of unhelpful tension is possible for us all.

In lessons, the teacher uses work with the hands to help you stop pulling yourself out of shape, along with discussion and guidance on how to apply the Technique to your activities.

On courses, there may be minimal or no handwork, but plenty of talks and discussion, and your fellow students are your mirrors to helping you see the broad pattern of our pulling out of shape, and to learn how to stop it.

The teacher leads talks and guides the group towards constructive understanding.

Whether you opt for lessons or courses, the benefits arise from the time you invest in putting what you learn into action.