Put simply, it’s a sound method for ‘turning your life around’, whatever your starting point.

It’s a method you can use for personal change with the aim of enhancing your life.

For example, if this is you:

* I have postural or movement difficulties
* I have undiagnosable aches and pains
* I have undiagnosable voice problems
* I don’t feel I’m achieving my full potential
* I sometimes feel fed up for no particular reason
* I find it hard to pay attention
* I’m okay, really — and I would like to stay that way
* I’m okay, really — but I’m interested in self-improvement
* I have a demanding job, and I want to stay on the ball
* Sometimes I find coping with friends and family draining
* I’d like to refine my skills
* I’m not happy being angry all the time

then Alexander Technique lessons or courses can help you discover the source of your difficulty and give you a way to resolve it.

The key thing is, if your problem is caused by something you are doing that gets in the way of the end results you seek, then there is an answer.

You can learn to see what you are doing which puts things wrong, and implement a better solution.

That’s it in a nutshell.

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