You can have lessons or take courses to learn.

In both, your teacher works with you to improve your balance and coordination, helping you to use less muscular effort in simple activities like sitting, standing and walking.

As you experience being upright with less effort, you can start to notice how you pull yourself out of shape in all that you do.

Perhaps you tense your shoulders to text a friend, or maybe you grip the steering wheel more than is necessary when you drive.

You may even notice more general patterns of tension that carry over into everything you do, like headaches or a knotted stomach.

In all these cases, the extra effort you apply does not help with what you are doing.

You generate unnecessary tension in your muscles and pull yourself out of shape, all to no advantage.

The insight you gain from Alexander lessons or courses will reveal to you just how much you pull yourself out of shape — and how you can stop.

From here, you can discover better ways to get things done.

You’ll begin to realise how much you rely on habit rather than conscious choice.

If you want to make changes in your life, habit won’t help.

Habit is about staying the same.

Discovering the pattern underlying your habits offers a way forward.

The Alexander Technique allows you to recognise how your habit is to create unnecessary tension in response to what is going on in your life and how none of this effort ever helps you.

It offers a change of outlook that has practical benefits.

Once you see what you are doing to make things difficult for yourself, you can stop it and let it go.

You can change the way you respond to what life brings.

Online lessons are now availble, and you can find out more details here.