How To Learn:

Online Alexander Technique Lessons

Online Alexander Technique lessons are now available for individuals, couples or small groups.

Since 2017, PAAT has been delivering ‘without-hands’ courses, for schools, teacher training courses and universities.

Online lessons are similar to established one-to-one sessions, but have been adapted for learning the Alexander Technique without the work with the teacher’s hands. Because of the nature of online work, we are now offering lessons to couples and small groups in addition to individuals.

We have adapted our one-to-one lessons specifically for online teaching. You can learn the principles of the Technique in your own home. All you need is a chair, space to stand up and walk a few steps, and online access for Zoom.

Virtual lessons allow you to explore how to apply the principles of the Technique to basic activities of sitting, standing and walking, and any other everyday activities that are relevant to your situation, for example, working at a computer, manual work, exercise, singing, or playing a musical instrument.

As you work with your teacher, you learn how to let go of the excess effort you are creating — the “too much” that gets in the way of what you want to do. In letting go of the ‘extra doing’, you can learn to attend to what it is you do to create it. You become more and more aware of how you are interfering with how things work best.

This growing awareness is very much part of learning the Alexander Technique. Because all our activities can benefit from the clarity of thought the Technique brings, lessons provide a way to work with seemingly stressful events in a constructive and creative way.  The Technique provides a proven way in to managing anxiety, some forms of depression, and taking ourselves forward in those times where we seem to be stuck.

Online Alexander Technique lessons for individuals, couples or small groups cost £20 and last for half an hour.

For more details, please contact the PAAT Secretary.

(Phone 07854 985002 or Email –

We continue to offer our online courses to large groups, including introductory courses, wellbeing and education for life courses, and the PAAT ‘Exploring Our Practice’ course.

All PAAT teachers have completed a four-year training course, and those working online have done CPD in virtual teaching. They are fully insured to work with individuals or groups and are bound by PAAT’s Code of Conduct.

online alexander technique lessons help you learn from home