The PAAT Training Course

Training to be a teacher. REGISTRATION OPEN

We are very pleased to announce that PAAT’s new hybrid training course starts this October.

We’ve been working to design a flexible, responsive course, enabling you to train under the equivalent of full-time conditions, but which suit your own particular life situation.  We have used our expertise in many years of in-person teacher training, and now online teaching, to build a high-quality, resilient course for a time of uncertain global conditions, to ensure your training is rigorous and supportive.

In brief, this course provides a basic distance-learning platform with an in-person, ‘hands-on’ summer school. The curriculum is based around online group work, individual personalised tutorials, small group seminars, guided reading and writing. There are up to seven hours of practical work per week in three ten-week terms. This work on everyday use of ourselves combines with study of Alexander’s work from both a historical and current scientific perspective, including anatomy, physiology and movement studies.

We are working with the University of Birmingham to present a certificated course, Alexander Studies, Wellbeing and Performance, in Year One, which can act as a gateway to a prospective Masters in Years Two and Three.*  The fourth year is focussed on pedagogy of the Technique.

There are formative and summative assessment points each year, with a final practical assessment requiring in-person attendance.

To start the course this October, you do need to have sufficient experience and interest in the Technique to sustain regular practical work and study. Obviously, you also need enthusiasm and commitment!

You are advised to commit initially to Year One of the course and then to review your needs with your tutor. Similarly, after the Year Three, you may want to make a final decision in regard to getting teaching certification, by undertaking Year Four.

For further details and an online conversation to find out if this course is appropriate for your needs and experience, please contact The PAAT Secretary on

The PAAT Training Course was founded in 1979 by Brian Door, author of Towards Perfect Posture. Brian Door qualified as an Alexander teacher in 1972 after completing his training with Walter Carrington. Mr Carrington was one of the first teachers trained by Alexander himself.

*  The Masters is optional.  Access to it is via the Alexander Technique, Performance and Wellbeing course taken in Year One.

PAAT Alexander Technique Training Course