What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a practical means for personal change that anyone can choose to apply to their lives.

Whether you need help with posture, balance or movement, input into skills and interests — or if you simply wish to gain more control over your life — the Alexander Technique offers a great way for you to make the changes you seek.


The Technique works by letting you see how you pull yourself out of shape and how doing that gets in the way of what you ideally intend to happen.

Briefly, pulling yourself out of shape means working much harder than you need to get the results you want, whether you are being active or simply thinking.

It’s why sitting at a desk can sometimes seem like you’ve run a mile, doing anything moderately strenuous can put you out of joint, and resting can be accompanied by anxiety.

Under these circumstances, nothing is in the best place for everything to work as well as it can, which means frustration at best and potential harm at very least.


Many of us have learned to pull ourselves out of shape to some extent.

Of course we don’t normally set out to do this deliberately — it happens because we’re not born knowing how everything works best mechanically.

We get stuck with the outcome of trial-and-error mistakes picked up along the way as we learn how to stand, sit, walk, work at a computer, and so on.

In essence, we lack some of the information we need in order to direct our lives optimally, and instead we fall back on unhelpful habits of thought and action.


Proceeding on the basis of habit rarely serves us well.

There’s a certain convenience attached to trusting your activities to autopilot, but this approach has less appeal when you discover aspects of what you do that you can’t seem to switch off.

When your activities are accompanied by irritations, or compromised altogether for no apparent reason, habit reveals itself as a poor solution to solving life’s everyday problems.

The question then is — what to do?

If you don’t fully understand how you get your results, formulating a plan to improve the situation is difficult because you lack the key information you need.

It’s why change so often appears desirable and unattainable in equal measure.


Applying less than the best solutions to things on a consistent basis does not make for progress, and working hard to end up nowhere inevitably takes its toll.

Even if you are somewhere close to where you want to be, pulling yourself out of shape won’t help you, and there are easier and more efficient ways to proceed.

Instead of squandering your resources in unhelpful ways, you can learn to use them wisely. (This applies equally to your thoughts as well as to your actions.)

The Alexander Technique helps you gain insight into how you are pulling yourself out of shape to get your results.

It offers you the option of dispensing with unhelpful habits and learning how to direct your life with more clarity, diligence and control.

Going forward on this more constructive basis is infinitely superior to trying ever harder at what fails to serve you well.

Everything you do is directed by you, so if you’re tired of the Same Old Same Old, what’s needed is a change of point of view.

The Alexander Technique provides a sound method for helping you to direct what you do more constructively.

It can help you take your life up and allow you to change for the better, whatever your starting point.

The truth is that you have more control over your life than you think.

Now it’s time to make the right things happen.