Welcome to the Professional Association of Alexander Teachers

The Professional Association of Alexander Teachers is a group of Teachers who aim to teach the Alexander Technique to the highest standards. As well as teaching private one to one lessons and introductory courses our Membership works in colleges and Universities to teach the Technique to students as part of their curriculum.

The Association supports its Members to ensure high quality teaching. It provides Continuing Professional Development opportunities as well as general support to Members as they require it in their teaching. As individuals we are committed to applying the principles of the Alexander Technique to our own lives, in our teaching and in our dealings with others. Supporting each other and working closely together by meeting, discussing and sharing resources is of paramount importance to us.

The Alexander Technique is a practical method by which an individual can bring about personal change. Our aim is to teach the Technique as set out by F.M. Alexander in his four books while providing our teaching within a modern context. It is remarkable how effective the Alexander Technique is and how perceptive Alexander was in making his discoveries. Our teaching method does not take away anything of substance with respect to the principles of the Technique.

Members of PAAT have trained on the Association's Training Course. This demands a very high standard of competence. Qualification is, and always has been, by examination and is a basis for membership of PAAT.

Research and scholarship is very important to us. The Alexander Technique must continue to develop while staying true to the principles which are central to the Technique to ensure their value is not eroded. We consider that we owe it to our own and future generations to pass the Technique on accurately.